Rollin Through the PHX

Had a nice adventure a few Saturdays ago. Naturally it involved riding my bicycle around Phoenix and seeing part that I hadn’t seen before. We started later than planned but in the end everything worked out very nicely.

Kathryn wanted to go and see what all of the hubub was about at the Phoenix Libraries’ Book Sale. Naturally they cannot do said booksale at their convienently located downtown location. No no no this needs to be done at their warehouse which is naturally not in so convienient, nor exactly pleasant, a location near 29th Ave and McDowell. So the adventure started pretty much right away as I have never actually biked anywhere west of 7th Ave.

So we started off down the canal to 12th St cause there is a nice bike lane on 12th that takes us to Maryland, which also has a nice bike lane:

The booksale was interesting but neither of us bought anything. Eager to get back on the road we headed down McDowell and up to Oak to make our way to the Papagos. We got a nice ride over the 51 on the very inviting 51 overpass:

The fun didnt stop there and at 27th St there was a dead body getting pulled from the bushes. Kathryn asked how I knew it was a dead body and I pointed out that the truck being used to drive off with the body was not an ambulance. No hurry to get him or her anywhere. Crazy stuff but we rolled on unscathed.

We got through some pretty dramatic road construction before climbing by the Papagos on our way to the Desert Botanical Gardens:

Had lunch at the Botanical Garden and hung out with some butterflys then made our way home:

Gmaps says it was 38 miles but I clocked 41. Here is the route we took.

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  1. I enjoy reading about your bike travels around Phoenix. Thanks to you and a few others, I miss bike riding. I plan to check out a few bikes this weekend. I hope to be bike riding soon. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Hey guy, I LOVE that you are recording while riding! Looks like you guys have a fabulous day for the ride, and you made it home safe, which is the best part. Looking forward to more ride videos.

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