Sunday Ride with ABC – Getting to know PHX and Scottsdale

Got a great ride in on Saturday down here in Chandler but Sunday’s ride was a whole nother story. Headed out to meet with the ABC group ride from the Granada Park with Kathryn:

This was my first ride with ABC and I wasn’t terribly impressed with their ability to ride in formation or at a consistent pace. Still it was a gorgeous morning and I still had fun. We made our way through Dreamy Draw Park and over to Mummy mountain for a nice climb:

Then we headed out to Scottsdale and FLW Blvd for some breakfast which was very delicious. At that point we decided to leave the group and make our way to Old Town Scottsdale:

We spent a little too long there and let the heat of the day catch us by surprise. Luckily we are top trained athletes and were able to make it back:

48 miles total, here is the route map.