Tech-e Tuesday – aka Tempe Tech Oasis

Via Jmoriarty’s suggestion I went to the Tech-e Tuesday which was up till recently known as Tempe Tech Oasis, which is slightly confusing but we all know about name changes.

Anyway it was a good time. The main speaker was Ed Koeneman of Kinetic Muscles Inc. He went over the fun of starting up a Tech company in Arizona: grant writing, prototyping, and sales. They started off using a reseller but have since shifted to running that in house. They create devices that help people recover from strokes, which is a really good thing.

Everyone got 20 seconds to introduce themselves so I pitched Ignite Phoenix really quickly. There were at least 30 people there. It was at some bar that used to be a Pita place by the Tempe theater.

I was then able to circulate a bit and talk to a few people I thought would be good presenters for Ignite. The whole thing is put on by Herb Finkelstein of ASU’s R&D Services in the Engineering School. Oh and the next one is also on the same night as the first Ignite Phoenix. Doh!