Tech jobs in Phoenix? Crazy talk…

You wouldn’t really be able to guess that Phoenix is the 16th largest city for tech jobs in the country if you were to read the traditional media here. In the 41 stories published to the Phoenix Biz Journals RSS feed this week 6 of them talk about tech in the valley.
Yet there is this story:

Tech jobs spur some growth in Phoenix area:
The Phoenix area's technology community has seen some growth after shedding jobs for most of the decade, according to a study by the American Electronics Association.

Where is the info about what companies are driving this growth? What are they doing? Who are they?

Of these 6 stories only one of them actually talks about a specific company: Unicorn Media which is a startup by some of the folks who did Limelight Networks.

Where is the story about Limelight’s current issues with patent Lawsuits with Akamai?

This is more and more reason for the grassroot/groundswell action that Refresh, Social Media Club, Tempe Nerds, Refactor, and Ignite Phoenix to name a few.

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  1. Are calling for more tech journalism in the city? Sounds like a plan. Only, the sole carrier of information would likely have to be the intertubes because the newspapers are all owned by Gannett (big corporate shills). Who do we get to write all of this stuff…..I wonder…..

  2. Blogging is so powerful simply because it can fill the gaps left by traditional media. If they’re not doing a good enough job, go out and cover the story yourself! A good starting point would be to talk to people at the events you mention and see what they think the situation is. If you know the organisers, you might want to suggest industry trends as the theme for the next event. That could be really interesting actually.

  3. @ Timothy – yes i want more journalism in phoenix! and no it doesnt need to be print, in fact i would prefer it not be. we need all the myspacers and bloggers in the valley to start getting cohesive and comprehindable. think

    @ noon – this is what we are starting to do with i guess i am being more annoyed with myself for not getting my act together. think of it as pre-criticism for stuff i havent dont yet, is there a word for that? besides idiotic…

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