Cycling in May – Wrap Up

Another good month in the saddle. I am continuing to build milage up and and getting a lot more comfortable riding longer distances and times. Had a number of accomplishments to be proud of and am starting to define what I am looking to get out of my riding.

May Results

In May I logged 336.69 miles over 10 days for 33.67 miles averaged per ride. My longest ride was on May 3rd for 75 miles. This is up over April where I also logged 10 riding days for 246 miles or 24.6 miles averaged per ride.

I also biked all the way into work and back home for a total of 47 miles in just under 3 hours of riding time. That was definitely one of the coolest rides all month as I hadn’t ever rode through south phoenix and was unsure of the route. It turns out to be one of the nicer bike friendly parts of town I have been in. No SUV’s creeping in on me and I just enjoyed it a lot. If you haven’t biked to work I highly suggest it, and if you have let me know in the comments.

My last ride of the month was definitely the best I have felt on a bike in many years. It was intended to be a short and sweet routine jaunt but ended up being a great exploration of East Chandler and Gilbert. I even did some Video Blogging, let me know what you think (be gentle =).

Overall my riding is getting stronger each time I go out. I just feel better and more comfortable. I am also focusing more on my form: using my legs and not my upper body to power the pedals, focusing on pushing forward at the top of the stroke and pushing back and the bottom, and keeping my shoulders and hands relaxed.

June Goals

I know that I missed logging a few rides this month and that frustrates me a bit. So the first goal of June is to log everyday regardless of the distance. I am going to start logging my saddle time and distance at the end of each day.

Another goal is to implement a training program. I am reading a few books right now and will have something planned out tonight. This will help me to focus even further and add to more progression. To this end I have decided on the Program 2: To Ride A Better Century from The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling. Its a 10 week program which will have me ready to go about Mid August. I am shooting for a 20MPH average with a finish time right around 5 hours.

Long Term Goals

Along with the training program I need to setup some goals to accomplish. My

I am looking at a few events in the fall for pushing my distance rides further but what I really want to do is ride from my home in Chandler, AZ to Tucson, AZ and back. Taking back roads I estimate that to be about 212 miles.

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  1. I’ve ridden to work many times in Phoenix. I can structure my commute largely on the canal (no cars) or on the 12th St. bike lane (few cars).

    This week I’m in upstate NY, and with the generosity of some neighbors, I even have a bike while I’m here. My commute is miniscule and very enjoyable:

    Different from riding for recreation, riding to work by your own physical power is satisfying on a totally different level.

  2. What are you using to log rides? I’m using, but it’s a bit long-winded. The quick add feature doesn’t work in my browser and there’s no Ajax. Might have to build my own super simple logging app, I only care about times and distances. Oh, and which bike I used.

    You still riding an MTB? One day I’ll really go hard sell for road bikes on you, fixed or free. If you’re pushing fat tyres for 50 miles a day and sitting up high, think how much energy you could save by getting on skinny tyres and tucking in, especially downhill and on windy days.

  3. @kathryn – i agree with you, riding to work is very rewarding. i also enjoy how much more clear headed i feel. bravo to your neighbors for being so generous!

    @afternoon – I am using google docs for tracking the rides – See here – its auto updated everytime I update it.

    I am riding my Trek 2200 with campy components, which I have had since 1995. As one guy in my local riding group put it “You got Trek before Trek was Trek”. My MTB was stolen last year =(.

  4. Trek 2200 looks sweet. I’m on a Trek 1200 as it goes, it’s just 105 :-(. It’s really cool you’ve taken to cycling in a big way, wish I could be out there training for the century. Martin Johnson and I are doing a 50 miler on Sunday, just around Norfolk. Should be good.

    Oh and your GDoc is pretty nice. There are APIs to GDoc data which is kind of interesting. MapMyRide is OK, but their RSS stinks, which is lame.

  5. yeah i cant believe how much the 2200 still rocks after 13 years of use, or course it had a pretty good break from the action for 8 or 9 of those years. =)

    i am really liking GDoc, they were here a few months ago doing a demo, man i really want to work for google demoing their products…

  6. Right, I’m switching to a GDoc. MapMyRide is a PITA to update. How do you do your monthly totals? Just hand picking the ranges or something clever? This is Pivot Table territory really.

  7. @afternoon – to calculate the monthly totals i create a SUM formula that calls to the mileages worksheet and then the cells for that month. here is how i called up marches total – A6 = sum(mileages!C2:C6)

    i dont know if thats a pivot table or not.

  8. Hehe, that’s the simple but time-consuming way. In Excel you can use Pivot Tables to do the selection and aggregation for you. You give it the whole range of data and it can give you monthly totals (and a whole lot more).

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