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  1. Must offer a rebuttal here. When I first started riding the bus, I felt as you do about sliding over to the window seat when someone asks to sit down. I was surprised that people would even sit in the aisle seat to begin with.

    However, the more I observed and experienced, I noticed that many (esp. female) riders simply stand up and allow the new person to take the window seat while they remain in the aisle seat. There could be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps they are about to get off at the next stop. But more than likely, they are keeping a position of power.

    You see, if at any point they don’t want to sit next to the new person anymore–it happens often–they have full freedom to relocate. But in the window seat, they are captive.

    This protocol allows both riders to maintain a sense of control. First the new passenger chooses where/with whom to sit, and the old passenger is at liberty to find a new seat if they don’t like their newfound partner.

    Do note that my experiences are on a city bus. It may be a different on the commuter bus.

    Agreed on the A/C and reading material.

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for chiming in. I always appreciate another point of view and have crafted a video response here:

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