Ignite Phoenix – Lets get this party started!

Meet up with Jeff Moriarty this weekend (if you can reference the name then you know how cool Jeff is already, if not then please look up Sherlock Holmes and eat some soap) to discuss getting Ignite Phoenix started up. The catalyst was a post on twitter regarding yet another tech networking group for finding and funding projects in the area. The general feeling for tech people is that these are more of the same: boring presentations trying to sell us on something we might be interested in but since the presenter is so worried about offending possible funders they cut it down to something that is boring and predictable.

Ignite is an O’reilly concept with the intent of getting the presentations down to a minimum but throwing a bunch together for diversity and unpredictability. Then you let the audience congregate with the ones they like the most and take it from there. The focus is on the culture and if the projects succeed that is great, if not then cool people got together and laughed a lot.

Right now we are looking for venues to hold it at and presenters to present. Give me a shout in the comments there or at the projects website here.