Canvassing for Obama in Chandler AZ

So I finally got off my lazy butt and got involved with the effort to make change happen in the country that I love. Last Saturday I went to Chandler Arizona and met with a bunch of really enthusiastic Obama Supporters and Canvassed Democratic Voters to sign up for Mail In Balloting. It was one of the more rewarding things I have done in many years and I am ready to do it again.

Some neat Statistics that I overheard:
-80% of voters registered for Mail In Ballots actually vote, compared to 40% or worse for regular registered voters
-When there is a record number of voters actually voting Democrats win the elections.

Here are some pictures, it was a lovely beautiful day:
get out the vote
canvasing chandler
political action women

2 Replies to “Canvassing for Obama in Chandler AZ”

  1. Great pictures. I do look very serious. It looks like we were talking some heavy policy but I was really trying to find out from this nice lady if there were any walking packets in close proximity :)

    Funny that they call them walking packets when you have to drive to almost all of them…

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