How to play the social media game

I have only recently caught the twitter bug. I learned of the service last year when it took off at SXSW but I didnt really understand what it was and none of my friends thought anything of it. So it went slack and I left it alone. Then I had a chance encounter with @biray and learned what twitter is all about: tracking all types of whispers in a room and being able to filter the ones you want to hear.

Naturally the Robert Scoble puts it better:

Twitter and inadequacy (er, the great friend divide) « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger
People still aren’t getting this. They didn’t get how I was using Twitter and still don’t. I follow the world’s best early adopters, business executives, and entrepreneurs. I really don’t care if I have a single follower. If I defined myself by my followers I’d always feel inadequate. If I define myself by the people who I follow, well, I follow the smartest, richest, coolest, funniest people in the world. That makes me smarter, richer, cooler, and funnier.

I am trying to take this same approach and its a wild ride and I have to do my best to pull away and get back to work or dinner or reading or sleeping or… You get the point.

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  1. Ah, yes, Twitter. It’s not so much who follows you, but who YOU follow that makes it interesting, IMHO. People can go on about its value, but unless you’ve tried it from the ‘inside’, it’s hard to see its impact from the ‘outside’.

    Something uniquely cool happened to me today via Twitter… I was having problems uploading my ‘voice utterz’ into my blog. I tweeted about my frustrations on Twitter and within 3 minutes @domjp tweeted back suggested I contact him via email. He was an employee and offered to help. Within 10 minutes my problem was resolved. Imagine that!!??

    Now I have a new professional contact and they have a loyal user.
    Talk about AMAZING customer service! :)

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