Raw Food Diet – Day 1

I have decided to give the Raw Food Diet a try. I am following a lot of what Steve Pavlina did in Jan as he posted a day by day account of his 30days on the diet. For more detail go there. I am not being as strict as he was. I am having Olive oil and am not measuring everything as deligently as he did.

My reasons for doing this are pretty simple: I want to eat heathly, simply, ethically, and cheaply. I havent been the best to my body in a lot of years and never really developed good eating habits. I attribute this to laziness mostly.

Here is the breakdown of my first day:
Green Smoothie – 4 bananas, 2 cups spinach, water

2 Tangelos – sour
2 carrots

4 bananas – stomach ache

slight headache since lunch. not hungry.

whole cantaloupe – feeling good

salad – 4 cups of spring greens, 1 apple, .5 avocado, 6 grape tomatoes, .25 cup macadamia nuts, .5 cup oil, 1 tbls soy sauce, salt and pepper, .5 cucumber

1 tangelo

Besides the slight headache around lunch I felt fine all day. I even did Power yoga at Innervision for 1.5 hours and had one of my stronger sessions in recent memory.

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  1. i dont drink coffee and very little green tea so i dont think that was it. it was a strange headache. not really painful but made me a little dizzy and felt like i was cross eyed.

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