The new age of SPAM?

I have been on facebook for about a year now and have gotten in touch with a number of people that I have not talked to in years. This is very cool and I appreciate it. Facebook also has a few applications that are pretty neat like the Visual Bookshelf. The trouble is that there are a bunch of applications that I keep getting invites for that have no practical use. The latest example is ‘Send Good Karma’.

I was sent some good karma a few days ago and thought that was nice, but when I went to return the karma I had to add this application to my profile. One of the boxes you have to check is ‘Allow this application to access your profile information’ and I pause.

Who is the creator of this application? What is their intent? Would someone really take the time to build this and have purely altruistic intentions in mind? Or is it the product of Phillip Morris marketing and their new campaign to hook us on a new cigarette? Have I completely lost my mind?

In the end I accepted the application cause I have to return the karma.