Fresh and Packaged?

These Fresh and Easy stores have been popping up all over the place and I wondered who was behind it all. Turns out its the massive UK grocer Tesco:

Tesco PLC, Britian's biggest grocery and general merchandising retail chain, will open an additional 10 Fresh & Easy concept grocery stores in the Phoenix metro area, bringing its Valley presence to 37 planned stores.

: Phoenix Business News – Local Phoenix News | The Business Journal of Phoenix

British grocer Tesco opening more Arizona stores

2 Replies to “Fresh and Packaged?”

  1. Tesco swept across Europe with a mad fury. I reckon Bashas and local grocers will be hit the hardest and Tesco will be second to Walmart….from a vomittal perspective contributing to obesity epidemic no doubt. Tesco is rife in UK.

  2. yeah i remember tesco pretty well, it made me sad to see it taking over the small corner grociers but thats progress, right? =(

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