Consistency of Clusterfucks

I love working in the tech industry. Its because of this subtle cynicism that you develop about computers. At least if you want to stay with it for very long. You learn that the problems you experience are the problems all tech companies experience. Email going down, Cisco being a piece of shit, Internal Software being a Joke, Customers that shouldn’t have a computer, to name but a few…

It is an environment that I have adjusted to in so many ways and made some form of slight success. Followed by brief periods of really good times where I literally felt like I was sitting down at an ATM machine and withdrawing money all day long.

Here are the constants I have learned:
1. Be Nice – The customer may not always be right, but the customer always pays.
2. Relax – Everything will break at least once a year and many parts will break all the time.
3. Learn – Understand what your technology is, how it works, and what people can do with it.
4. Sympathize – Your manager is just ambitious, they don’t get it yet.
5. Laugh – People really think things work just like it happens in their heads.
6. Expand – Network with your customers.
7. Be Nice – Really, you think you are frustrated? Imagine going through it all and sitting in a pitch black room on hold for 40 minutes as your business comes to a crashing halt! (Phew!)

I started with just 3 then I thought I was gonna make 10 but 7 will do.

Happy Friday!!!!

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