Online Business Tools Start Getting Real

The buzz is finally turning into reality and business tools are finally becoming viable online. While this has been promised for a while it has been held up for a number of reasons, mainly taking it seriously and getting over the fact that we aren’t trying to go to the moon with this. We don’t need Office recreated on the web. Most of us will never ever use 90% of the stuff that Office has to offer. So porting that over to the web is just a waste of bandwidth, which we just learned is something to be conscious of.

I have used Backpack and enjoyed it. They have some cool stuff going on that is easy to use and its fast and most important its simple, but the one fact remains: its not tied into my email.


Backpack brings the promise of the intranet back and delivers real value by keeping things simple. Now you can easily share information, files, and a calendar across your company.

: Daring Fireball

I have been using Google Aps for my email for at least 7 months now. Its Gmail but tied to my domain name. I get 6 GB of storage and IMAP which is the only way to do email. Oh and its free, as in beer. There is a Premium account for $50 per user per year, but I don’t need any of that and neither will most users.
Backpack Goes Multiuser