North Chandler Bike Ride

This whole having a week off stuff is really nice. My body still awakens 5 minutes before my alarm goes off at 4am each day but I am unhurried now. This allows me to sit and write for a few hours after breakfast. Have a nice shave and go for a morning ride through my hood.

Today marks the second day of riding through Chandler on my bike. Yes I have lived here for over a year now but have not taken anytime to explore the area. The biggest reason for this delay is my fear of riding on the roads in Chandler because of the high proportion of drivers who are not paying attention. This is of course a silly notion because there is a high proportion of drivers not paying attention just about everywhere there are cars. So the rule is to pay attention, and then pay more attention!

Choosing a route is critical to creating an enjoyable ride. Having to constantly think about what route is best is tiring and prevents you from being able to pay attention to those inattentive drivers. There are a number of bike lanes in Chandler but I cannot find and resource that tells me exactly where they are. I winged it and came out pretty lucky. Have a look here to see my North Chandler Bike Route, just over 10 miles in about 50 minutes.