Applying Rules to an Illegal Situation

Watching Frontlines latest program regarding the Haditha incident from 2005 causes so many conflicting emotions its really hard to sit through the whole thing. On one hand I am against us being there altogether so that whole situation is an inevitability. The problem is that the Marines we are sending over there are real people that I have to respect for doing a job I would never want to do.

FRONTLINE cuts through the fog of war to reveal the untold story of what happened in Haditha, Iraq — where twenty-four of the town’s residents were killed by U.S. forces in what many in the media branded “Iraq’s My Lai.” With accusations swirling that the Marines massacred Iraqi civilians “in cold blood,” the Haditha incident has led to one of the largest criminal cases against U.S. troops in the Iraq war. But real questions have emerged about what really happened that day, and who is responsible. Through television interviews with Iraqi survivors and Marines accused of war crimes, FRONTLINE investigates this incident and what it can tell us about the harrowing moral and legal landscape the U.S. military faces in Iraq. : FRONTLINE – Reports | PBS

Rules of Engagement