Censorship in the USA

Very interesting news about a recent web site shutdown. Whether you agree with the politics involved with Wikileaks or not you have to be aware of the precedent that has now occured:(from DailyKos)

As of Friday, February 15, those going to Wikileaks.org have gotten Server not found messages. Today I received a message explaining that a California court has granted an injunction written and requested by lawyers for the Cayman Island’s Bank Julius Baer. It seems that the bank is trying to keep the public from accessing documents that may reveal shady dealings. Wikileaks was only given a couple of hours notice “by email” and was not even represented at the hearing where a U.S. judge took such a drastic step attempting to totally shut down an important information outlet. The result was this totally unprecedented attempt to totally wipe out the existence of Wikileaks

Via Daring Fireball:

The web site is still up, but only accessible by IP address. (Via Boing Boing.)

: Daring Fireball

California Judge Orders DNS Entry Removed for Wikileaks

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