Considering Valley Metro for Commuting

Since buying a home I have become much more attuned to what various activities I do and how much they cost. I am becoming quite frugal and have even been deemed a “cheap bastard” by my favorite bartender. Cause I am always questioning the bill.

Lately the cost of driving my car has been on my mind especially as the talk about Global Warming and Pollution get more and more serious. So I sat down and did some calculating. Currently I get about 400 miles per tank which is about 15 gallons of gas. At $2.80/gallon it costs me $42 to fill up. This means it costs me about $0.10 for every mile that my car goes. I just got a new job that will require about 41.2 mile to go to and then come back from at the start and end of each workday. So a days trip to work and back costs me $4.33. This means that in a 20 day work month it costs me $86.52 to drive myself to work. I estimate that it will take anywhere from 35 to 55 minutes to get to work and about the same amount of time to get back home.

So I look at and find that an Express bus stops by my house within easy walking distance which then goes to about half a mile from my new place of work. A round trip ride costs $3.50 which is a savings of $0.83 per trip over taking my car. This saves me $16.60 per month over driving. If I buy the 31 day pass and use it 20 times I save $18.60 per month over driving. Thats $223.20 a year which isn’t a ton but then add that I wont be able to do anything but go straight home from work the additional savings get very large. No more last second trips to the grocery store or the pub which is huge amounts of money.

We shall see if I follow through on this or not, but its good to know the figures.

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  1. I’m quite surprised that the bus is cheaper over such a long distance, but that’s pretty cool.

    It’s worth saying that the bus can be a lot more chilled than driving as well. If you’re lucky enough to be able to read, that’s ideal, but even if not you still don’t get all chewed up with road rage and stuff.

    What’s the difference in time, does the bus take longer?

  2. Hey Afternoon!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yeah this is an ‘Express’ route set up to get people from the suburbs to downtown since that is where so much of the population is employed. The are about ten stops in my area and then its expressway to downtown for about ten more stops. It only runs in the morning and then evening, basically during rush hour.

    I am definitely much more relaxed when I get to work and then home after riding the bus.

    The bus takes a little longer just because of the stops but only about 10 to 15 minutes more so it works out fine.

    I will say that it makes me feel younger as well, funny but true.

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