Start asking questions

The press is purely an entertainment service now. I do not watch the news because I know its all about sponsorship and one topic that all sponsors abhor is the environment, because they are the ones ruining it. So it is up to us to start asking these questions. Go to your town meetings and ask what they are going to do to make sure your kids have drinking water when they have kids. Call your representatives and start asking questions about alternative energy and what they are doing about it. Find your representative here.

So how can it be that, out of 2,679 questions asked of the candidates since January 2007 by the national press, only three questions have mentioned global warming? Instead, hosts like Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos, and Wolf Blitzer have asked ridiculous questions about UFOs, baseball, and even Chuck Norris! Do voters know better — absolutely.  : Taking the Initiative

Where is the Press?