Fighting asana

Jumped my butt out of bed at 730 to get to the morning yoga. The intention was to get an early enough class to make the Team in Training information meeting at 1030. To the side I was interested in trying the new mat I had just received in the mail the day before. I finally got up at 7ish and hurried myself out the door.

This was a Power class with one of the owners at Innervision, Aaron. Power classes are a bit more advanced and definitly are a work out. Today we were tortured with a pose I have only recently seen a lot of: the Bear pose.

Bear pose is a toning pose, there is pretty much no stretching going on in this one. Start off in Downward Dog and move your shoulders to the top of a pushup. Let your knees come to one inch of the floor and let your back curve by tilting your tailbone up. Now hold that.

We were put into this one at least 15 times during this class. As we progressed laughter came from various aspects of the room when the pose was mentioned. To make it more interesting we alternated lifting each leg for 3-5 breaths.

The other move that we did was completely new to me and is just a way of getting to Crecent pose but is worth mentioning. Instead of coming up to Crecent from a lunge we went to it from standing.

First stand stright up and put all weight into your left leg. Raise the right knee till the thigh is perpendicular and hold it there for a breath. The step the right leg to the back of the mat and stand on its toes. Take you arms down to you hips but keep them straight and let the palms face in. After a breath bring them up above your head.

This move was used as much as the Bear pose and really changed the perspective of the flow. I felt much lighter and open with the move than the grounded feel I get from coming into Crecent via a Lunge. This is not to say that I prefer one over the other but I appreciate the differences that the moves give to me.

The new mat did well but I have to get a yoga towel to put on it while I sweat all over during class. Now I have to find a cheap one…

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to get a picture or drawing of the bear pose that you’ve mentioned here and I can’t.
    Do you have a link to an image?


  2. Hi Luisa,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I am searching for an image now. I haven’t talked to my teacher yet, but I have a feeling there is an asana name for this that I need to learn.

    Please stay tuned!


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