Level 1-2 730pm

Didnt get into work till late today as the furnace was finally fixed. Missed the Ashtanga at 610pm but saw that there was a Level 1-2 at 730pm so I went to that. I was worried that it might be too late and that I wouldnt be able to get to sleep till midnight or later, but I had taken Monday off due to hangover and broken toes so I had to go.

Did I mention that my toes are broken? Well maybe not broken but they really did hurt bad on Monday after soccer from Sunday. I figured out this morning that the reason the left one was pretty much healed but my right one was it total pain was because the blister under the right big toenail was not yet popped.  The one on the left had popped on Sunday after playing. So I had to lance it a few times today, even at work, which was gross but absolutely necessary.

I got to the studio a bit early which is always better than coming in after class starts, which a few people didnt mind doing. Maredith was the teacher and while I think she could talk a bit less I really enjoy her class as her enthusiasm is contageous.

I felt pretty good despite not being able to feel the top of my big toes and being very sore still from soccer on Sunday. We did a couple of interesting balance moves which I was able to pull off.

Met Kelly who had just been snowboarding to Solitude up in Park City. She is married and very cool so we talked on our way out to the parking lot.