First Soccer Practice

Made it to the 9am scrimmage today. Our side is gonna have about 18 players which apparently will be good as people are not so reliable on the Sunday league from what was mentioned. It was fucking freezing this morning, well maybe not that bad. I am sure that the fact my furnace hasnt been working for a week has something to do with that.

The field is about 10 minutes south of my house which is not bad. I may bike it in the future but we shall see. Condition was okay. There was grass mostly in hibernation but the dirt was soft which was really nice. I have gone with turf boots for now and they held up just fine. My toes however did not. The first issue was that I didnt have the boots tied up enough to keep them from smashing up front. The second issue is that I need to keep my nails better trimmed.

For the most part our team is pretty good. Keeping our spacing is somewhat of an issue as it generally is. Communication was pretty good but needs to get better. We have two ball hogs who are very talented but need to get better at passing the ball. For tall blokes there is me and one other guy then we have a number of mid sized guys who are quick. It will be interesting to see how we rotate people through the game.

Our manager is John who is also pretty good on the pitch. I mentioned getting a bar sponsor and he is all for it. I will talk with my people this afternoon and see what we get.

Overall I am feeling pretty good about the squad. We need to get the communication fixed and start figuring out positions.