Power Yoga

For anyone who knows me they know that I come up with new trends and latch onto them fanatically. Sometimes this lasts a while and sometimes it fades quickly. I made it for 2.5 months with my last workout routine and had good returns. Now I am focused on Yoga primarily to get my flexibility back but also to focus back on who I am and what I am capable of.

With weight lifting you show yourself how much weight you can lift. The boost that you get from lifting more than you ever have before is a good one, but it is temporary. The main problem is that getting injured is very common.

With Yoga you are stretching but there are also very powerful poses that require balance and power to complete succesfully. Many people confuse it as being an exercise that only works on stretching, but if you have ever seen me after a class, and see how drenched I am with sweat, you would change your tune right away.

Todays class was with Jeff again, but this was a much more challenging class than the Level 1-2 from Saturday. Todays focus was on the idea of opposites. Meaning that if you are focused on Anger you need to find compassion, jealousy needs to find trust and compassion. Jeff’s example of how this is bad for us is all the reports we have yearly on Depression versus the very few done on Joy. Also pointed out is our Department of War, but no Department of Peace.