Level 1-2 at Innervision

Went to my first yoga class in years, and had a lot of fun. The studio is located a few miles from my home and I will eventually start walking/running there for classes. Its also right next to the Sprouts Grociery store so it is great for keeping lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house.

I was driven there by a few factors:

  1. Current relationship stress
  2. Soreness/Tiring of current weight lifting program
  3. Rememberance of how great yoga made me feel in the past

This class is called ‘Level 1-2’ and is intended for all levels. The teacher’s name is Jeff and he is a part owner. We started at 9am which is a funny time on a Saturday to get up and go workout but that was another reason why I wanted to go. The coincidence with New Years just a few days before had a lot to do with this as well.

I have been working out at the Gym for a few months on a new workout program and had seen great results. The problem is that I am not interested in being all muscle bound with no flexibility. The lifting includs a lot of squats so my back and legs had gotten very strong and I have also started running again, which has been a blast now that I can keep my knees from crushing each other. Now I needed something to get my flexibility back and also give me more than just knowing how much I can lift.

The class starts with my phone alarm going off, which happen to sound like church bells. Jeff found it somewhat appropriate while I was red in the face with embarassment trying to shut it off. We start with some call and response which is the funniest call and response I have ever had. Something about a Paddle and rhymes, quite a good mental exercise for getting into the moment and forgetting all the rules we construct around our lives.

The physical aspect of the class is done very well but what makes Jeff such a great teacher is the philosophy that he teaches during the class. For this class we focus on finding something in our lives that is beyond ripe and needs to be pulled from our tree and allow it to act a fertilizer for the next step of life. My thoughts went to the current relationship that wasnt really going anywhere at the moment, and I thought that was because the relationship was done or maybe my perception of it needed to be changed. Either way the mental exercise went very well with the yoga practice.

There is some chanting in the class and at this time I am not participating. I may in the future but its a comfort thing as well as a realization that this is borrowed culture without the actual culture. This is an ongoing challenge that I will be analyzing.

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