Review: Nova – Family that Walks on All Fours

Up late working on working it out and I have the telly runnin in the background. Nova comes on and has a story about a family in Hungary with 6 some children who walk on all fours. Naturally I am intrigued as there are a number of theories and ideas about how and why this occurs.

At the start they mention that the family is shunned by the townsfolk as the children are seen as bad omens. Then we go into science and evolutionary concepts are entered and then genetics and lots of very interesting things that I really want to hear more about. Just as everything starts getting really good they cut out of the documentary format and mention how the townsfolk are upset about the scientists studying the people they consider bad omens. They are upset because their religion is not happy about the theory of evolution and the local police have to come on by to sort it out.

While the documentary on the family still rings in my mind the more interesting story is how religion can create such an intolerant situation. This is phenomenal behavior for sure. I would think that if world renowned researchers showed up to your town to study some of its people you would be very appreciative. To threaten them because you may not agree with or understand the diagnosis/theory that they present is not healthy/sane behavior.

While I am happy that the Christian Right has not started fire bombing the University’s the current upswing in the removal of evolution from the schools. The argument is that its a theory which to them is adept to religious diatribe and since religion isn’t allowed to be taught in school then neither should evolution.

I try to then engage these people to have a conversation about their points, but their ears seem to turn off just as I try to make a point. Why are people so afraid of this leap? I guess it was worse than this when the inquisition was putting people to the flame and worse, but it still amazes me that people are this afraid of change. Or is it more ego? “If this ain’t how my book says it is then it ain’t.”

Watch the show and let me know what you think.